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Help is just a click away. We're a cohort of neurodiverse individuals that have over 50 years of experience working with ADHD across patients, family members and personal experience living with the disorder.

We share a passion for self-improvement and take a hands-on approach to ADHD education

Clinical psychiatrist

Duke Ruktanonchai, M.D.

Duke has 20 years of psychiatric experience diagnosing and treating adults, teens, and children with ADHD. His robust knowledge of medications, ADHD comorbidities, and years of experience working with children make him uniquely qualified to educate people on their ADHD and how it impacts or may evolve as they grow up.

He has been leading digital mental health initiatives since 2014, Trained by the CDC in public health, he led population health initiatives (in large integrated health systems) to improve behavioral health outcomes through the use of digital solutions.

In response to the expanding mental health epidemic, Duke implemented population-wide digital mental health solutions at a large integrated health system in Texas and a Blue Cross plan in Pennsylvania. He now leads the medical aspect for the groundbreaking ADHD application "Eachday".

Meet Duke
"Neuroscience breakthroughs have exploded our knowledge of ADHD like never before."
Duke Ruktanonchai
Executive Function coach

Jonathon Mahoney

Former student of one of the worlds leading ADHD learning specialists. Jon has represented Eachday's work and success at various conferences and discussion groups.

Over 12 years of executive function training has contributed to Jon's success as a professional with ADHD who juggled schoolwork and division 1 rowing at UC Berkeley before he went on to manage a multi-million dollar construction business.

He now brings his passion for "learning how to learn" to Eachday where he helps people with ADHD build their toolbelt of cognitive techniques that help regardless of context or environment.

Meet Jon
"The good news is, everyone can train their executive functions!"
Jon Mahoney
ADHD Enthusiast

Christian Murphy

Carnegie Mellon alumni Christian Murphy was diagnosed with ADHD in high school and often struggled with his disorder until while pursuing his BXA major focused on game design Christian discovered the “secret'' of self-managing ADHD.

Since then he has worked in the Google Creative lab conducting research for key products like the Google Pixel Phone and led the design of $35M government funded applications that blend disparate data lakes at Deloitte.

He now brings his intimate knowledge of ADHD paired with technical understanding of game design and user needs to Eachday. He’s passionate about blending game design with scientifically-validated medical techniques and works to help people with ADHD take back live to their full potential.

Meet Christian
"ADHD is something you're born with-- don't let it define you."
Christian Murphy

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Life changes, and so does your ADHD. We provide people with access to adult mentors who have been diagnosed with ADHD, curated educational content, and expert medical professionals. Eachday’s holistic approach to managing ADHD leads to ongoing treatment plans that spur life-long change. Our commitment to supporting you through those changes does not.

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